Some 25 active artists take regular part in the activity.

Beit Yael aims to expand the community and create a sense of belonging, bond and mutual support between its members via the following activities:

*Steering committee meetings: the steering committee is comprised of the Beit Yael director and community members; it promotes these goals via annual and multi-annual questionnaires for community members, reflective of the goals of the municipality.

*Community contribution: our members contribute to the community through Beit Yael activities and volunteer work (related to dance and movement) with weaker populations in the city.

*Ongoing Facebook activity: community members interact in a closed Facebook group in which they can exchange messages, ask for assistance and initiate unmediated and immediate connections.

*Creating a professional network for community members: through the professional network, community members (photographers, show directors, lighting directors, etc.) can propose barters or offer their services at a reduced rate.

“Millions of people alone, and if it has to be alone, let it be in movement.” (HaChaverim Shel Natasha, lyrics and melody: Micha Shitrit)