Choreographers, dance and performance artists, members of the Yael community, enjoy the opportunity to use the rehearsal spaces offered by Beit Yael (Yael, Elharizi and Gonenim) as locations for work, creation and performance:

Use of rehearsal spaces enables members of the Yael community to leverage this support and expand the range of their work, gain additional sponsorships and present their creations in 40 festival stages and leading cultural institutions in Jerusalem, Israel and abroad.

Work studio and budgets for original work creation processes: Beit Yael provides choreographers budgets for coping with work processes in original works.

Masterclasses – creation and process: Studio Yael is an open stage for presenting works in progress by Yael members to the rest of the Yael community, for the purpose of presentation and feedback for furthering their work.

Studio Yael is a performance space for grant and award winners,as required by the Culture Administration.