Dr. Renee Badash, researcher of dance and interdisciplinary performance;
head of the culture package dance committee, member of the Department of
Dance at the Ministry of Culture and lecturer at Tel Aviv University’s
interdisciplinary program for arts and in the department of theater studies.
Head of the research lab for interpersonal movement at the Galil Ma’aravi
College, and experiments in movement at the Netanya College of Society and
During the session, Renee presented the following:
 Activities included in the package, with emphasis on dance.
 Opportunities for exposure to k-12 students: meetings, studio
performance and stage performance.
 Discussions of the dance committee and preparations for Israel’s
70 th anniversary.
Sandra Braun, dance coordinator at the “culture in the periphery” project.
Graduate of the Jerusalem Academy of Music and Dance with 30 years of
experience in the field of dance. Began her career at 16 as a dancer in the
Moshe Efrati dance company, and danced with Tamar and Bat Sheva
companies; was a rehearsal and company manager.
Sandra spoke about her work, with the goal of increasing the number of
dance artists who enjoy exposure to their work with the help of the
Culture in the Periphery project. The project introduces diverse, high-
quality culture to the public and younger generations, for the pleasure of
dance and movement lovers.