“My name is Naomi Bloch Fortis, former-former-former dancer turned long-
time general manager and co-creative director at Bat Sheva ensemble. Since
then I’ve been acting as the general director of the Jerusalem Season of
Culture, as well as head of the Department of Culture and Art Management at
LAHAV – the executive training unit at Tel Aviv University, and board member
at more than a few organizations, not to mention a teacher and a student…
I’m glad to spend several hours just with, and for, you.
What are we going to do?
In the first part, I’ll do the talking… culture and arts directing is a whole new
These confusing times of movement and innovation are a period of confusion
as well as potential.
I will try to analyze it with you, clarify, share, think together – re-curate reality.
In the second part – everything I know will be at your disposal: success and
failure, processes and insights.
We will dedicate 90 minutes for questions and answers, in a conversation
directed by what interests you.
Ask me anything – small and trivial, or strategic and philosophic.”