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Algorithm by Eyal Dadon

“XX microphone, +0 voice, I wanted, I choked, 715 Creek gasp, I don’t have v0cal, result= failure, strange, I interrupted them, Laughter no, I yes, a-b+7, liberation, The dancing queen, stage B”- Nisim Gutman   

Choreography, video and concept: Eyal Dadon * Music: Nisim Gutman , Dancers Creators: SOL dance group: Shai Partush, Moran Miler, Ori Ofry, Rani Ben Simon, Luka Kachity, Hen Agron ,  Lighting Design: Fleece Ros , Production: The Home of dance- Beer Sheva

“Aurora” by Maya Michlal-Gelfand

“So that was my name, that was the tribe I originated from, that was my appearance, that was my food, those were my experiences of joy and pain, that was my life expectancy, and with my death in that place, I appeared elsewhere, where my name was. After my death elsewhere, I was reborn here.” (Buddhism)

“Aurora” is a solo performance, which allows a glimpse into an intimate study of bonds and liberation.

An old identity of an entity, which undergoes a process with herself, into a different identity.

A body laden with weight and tension that falls apart and is gathered again in the course of the work.

Choreography:  Maya Michlal-Gelfand ,Performed by: Opal Marcus ,Sound track: Yonatan Gelfand, Maya Michlal-Gelfand ,Costume design: Veronika Shor

Youth by Miriam Engel

A moment in the middle of life, stocktaking or lamenting, a day of celebration or a wake, embracing or sobering up. A brutally honest hilarious, yet sad glimpse at the private world of a pedantic, messy, human, professional woman.

A poetic monologue about the dimensions of time and the body, which skips between biography and image, and classifies insights.

“Youth” confronts the concept of “immortality” while processing and interpreting classic canonical musical creations and all-time classics, as it skips between the requiem of youth and its immortality and perpetuation.

Choreography, writing and performed by: Miriam Engel

Music: Mozart, Monteverdi, ArvoPärt, Tomer Avraham, Fabian Andre, Wilbur Schwandt, lyrics by Lee Rothman