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Unshakeable- by Iratxa Ansa (Spain), Igor Bacovich (Italy)

World Premiere


  Four images, four opinions, four desires, in an interactive process. What are we willing to sacrifice, for the     sake of a shared goal, and what do we persist on for the sake of our personal benefit.

Life in a group as an analogy to a political arena, in which we struggle to maintain the good of a nation, but many times sacrifice the goal for the sake of our personal advantageousness.

Sweven by  Dor Mamalya (Germany/Israel), Darius Novak (Poland/Germany)

A dream of three people caught in a vision of seven hills

Utopia and the Night by Neta Pulvemacher

One joint childhood performance/ journey. The work is a reproduction of her famous work: Five Beds/ Children of the Dream, which was performed with much success in New York and Israel by Vertigo (Red Cow). The creation was based on childhood memories of Neta Pulvermacher, who was raised in the communal children’s houses on the kibbutz. In this new version, the group dance becomes a solo journey/performance that is intimate, touching, and controversial.

Choreography, writing and performed by: Neta Pulvemacher

Dramaturgy: Lola Almog

Musical editing: Neta Pulvemacher * Music: Eugene Potier, Verdi, Haydn, Neta Pulvemacher, Shalom Hanoch