Dance performances of the best choreographers will move from their regular location, to the city streets and the venue, which will undergo a transformation and become part of the artwork.

WHITE PIECE by Sophia Krantz

A minimalistic-political trio, which refines cultural-topical basic concepts. Somewhere between the individual and the group, between determination and disorder, lies a sensual landscape of nuanced textures with an intense visual rhythm

Synonyms for Encounter by Sharon Barbekov

Dancers: Tomer Golan and Sharon Barbekov

In one space – two characters, each engrossed in their own existence, live a succession of movement of an entire lifetime, in a rapidly dwindling course of life.  In this periodical succession, the two beings crave an encounter. Each encounter entails a loss and a gain. The music, as a third character, conducts them to the sounds of a similar rhythm of life – until the inevitable collision.