Eyal has danced with the dance company “KAMEA” and the Kibbutz Contemporary Dance Company. Eyal also worked with Eitan Sivek (Ballet Kolberg), Noah Gelber (Foresight), Idan Sharabi (NDT and Bat Sheva), Lior Lev (Stuttgart Ballet), Tamir Gintz (KAMEA), and Or Abahav.

 In 2014, Eyal won first place in the solo competition “Eurograde,” in Bulgaria. The solo was called “Intro,” which he performed and created. In 2014, he won the “Yair Shapira Dance Prize” for his contribution to the Israeli dance world.

Eyal is creating choreography for the fifth time in a row for the Dance Journey Study Program of the Kibbutz Contemporary Dance Company. He was recently invited to create choreography for the Jerusalem Dance Theater, as well as his work in the KCDC and private shows that he performs all over Israel.