Neighborhood dance and performance enterprises, an initiative by the Department of Dance at the Jerusalem municipality, in collaboration with Yael – Home for Independent Dance Artists in Jerusalem.

Twice a year, for three days, neighborhood commercial complexes become arenas for lively dance and performance shows, creating a cultural-artistic space and bringing together dance artists and local businesses in the residents’ daily environment!

Direction and production: Department of Dance and Beit Yael.

Creative direction: Miriam Engle.

Performance: Angela Company

Neighborhood Start Art 20-22.6.2018

Talpiyot I Beit Hakerem – Denya Sq. I Kiryat Yovel

Neighborhood Start Art 2-4.8.17

Gilo I Talpaz I Kiryat Yovel


Look for us around the neighborhoods

Choreographers interested in joining are welcome to contact us at:

[email protected]