10/20 Show

10/20 Show – Dance and Performance in Urban space
Experience an intimate encounter and artistic encounter with Jerusalem's alleys, hidden
corners, and cultural venues through a dance and performance series. This
alternative stage provides a platform for artists, their creations, and the
audience to come together and enjoy a unique experience. The
Jerusalem municipality’s dance department through this series supports:
Jerusalem municipality’s dance department through this series supports:

  • Creative freedom – the ability to express oneself freely and creatively and awarding nine or so grants totaling some NIS 90,000 for developing, producing, and displaying awork of art all over Jerusalem in addition to marketing and operational costs casing.
  •  create free cultural and artistic events open and accessible to the public
  •  Exposing the public – at large to the works of the community of independent dance and performance artist in Jerusalem
  • Promoting – collaborations with Jerusalem cultural and artistic institutions such as: The Center for middle Eastern Music, Studio Vertigo Gerard Behar, The S.A. Nachon Museum of Italia Jewry, The Greek Colony House, the Jerusalem Arts Campus, Studio Mishelach, Hamifal and others…

 Between 2021 and 2023, there were four
events held in 19 different locations in Jerusalem. These events featured the
works of 74 independent  dance and
performance artists.
The project is the initiative of the
Jerusalem municipality dance department spearheaded by Yael – a home for
independent dance & performance composers in Jerusalem that emerged during
the COVID-19 epidemic and the ensuing social distancing to bring back the
culture of dance and performance to the city’s in public spaces. The series
helped artists to continue working and performing despite the 10/20
restrictions on gatherings in public spaces – up to 10 people in closed areas
and up to 20 people in open spaces. Now that the epidemic is behind us, the
series continues in intimate, alternative sites in Jerusalem, free of charge,
because of its relevance and because it fills a genuine, existing need of the artist and the audience.

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