Call for applications: use of rehearsal space by independent dance artists in Jerusalem, 2019

The Jerusalem municipality invites independent dance artists from Jerusalem and the neighboring areas to submit requests for using rehearsal spaces in Jerusalem. The space (studio or hall) will serve the artist in their professional work, for the purpose of rehearsals for one (1) non-profit artistic project over a predetermined period of time ranging from 6 to 12 months.

In exchange, creators are expected to work and create in the provided space, in order to promote the city’s arts and creativity scene.


Applicants must meet the following criteria:

*Artist, resident of Jerusalem or its surroundings, or working in the city

*Artists aged 18 and over

* Professional artists for whom this is their primary occupation OR professional artists who graduated from an academy of performance arts and for whom this is their primary occupation AND created at least one piece that was publically performed over the past three years

* Choreographers currently in the process of creating a new piece, or planning to begin work on a new piece

*An artist whose work is suitable for an underground space, compliant with the regulations of the security and emergency services unit

*An artist who does not receive any other form of municipal subsidizing for the same project (no multiple support)

Exceptions will be discussed separately by the steering committee, according to the artist’s activity and contribution to the city, without hindering rights.

Application process

*Fill in an application form, including CV, portfolio and specified list of capabilities and interest in community artistic work.

*Relevant applicants will be summoned to an interview with a professional committee.

*The professional committee may demand additional details or documents of any artist wishing to use a local shelter as a rehearsal space, for the purpose of considering the request.

Additional details and application forms can be found here.

Applications and relevant documents should be emailed to

Relevant information for selected artists

*Artists selected for the project will be granted the use of rehearsal spaces in Jerusalem for periods of 3-7 consecutive hours, 1-2 times per week as determined by the committee (any deviations will be subject to availability and require detailed reasons for which the space is requested).

*Rehearsal spaces are provided in exchange for community work in the neighborhood, or promotional activities for the Yael community.

*The artist will be required to prove their contribution to the community in which they operate.

*Logos of both the municipality and Yael must be included in all publications concerning the works for which the request for rehearsal space was submitted.

*The duration of the project will be 6-12 months. Extensions will be negotiated.

*Applications for extension can be submitted for up to 5 consecutive years. Further extension applications will be examined by the committee.

*Use of the shelter is relevant during periods of national calm, subject to the approval of the security and emergency services unit and home front command guidelines.

*Participation of the artist in different cultural activities in Jerusalem may be considered in the future.